Tikkun Olam & Pro Bono Mentoring

IMG_8398Tikkun Olam & Pro Bono Mentoring

Law with heart.

There is a concept in Judaism known as Tikkun Olam. This idea translates into English as “healing the world”—right action, doing good, volunteering and charity work. Within the legal profession there is a strong call to do pro bono work, however there is no requirement in Texas for lawyers to do so. How and if an attorney decides to give back is a personal choice. For Justine Fanarof, the obvious choice is to commit to healing the world.

With extensive experience in pro bono mentoring, Justine consults with lawyers, law firms and businesses regarding the set up, maintenance and practice of Tikkun Olam and pro bono work. Through her community-based consulting practice she has gained extensive knowledge of local nonprofit organizations, the people involved with each, and the complex political environments in which they exist. To help those in genuine need, Justine works with individuals and groups to tailor appropriate short- and long-term opportunities to be of service in the Houston community.

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