Law with a human approach.

At the core of every legal or business matter are people. People who want to solve a problem or put a process in place to help guide them in the future. This is the center of Justine Fanarof’s practice. She’s a true strategic partner to clients, aiming to not only help them resolve the matter at hand but also gain tools and insight into how to move forward thoughtfully.

Areas of Expertise

  • General Counsel
  • Mediation
  • Government Relations + Advocacy
  • Business and Nonprofit Consulting
  • Wellness , Mindfulness + Retreat Programs
  • Education + Training
  • Public Speaking
Justine works with clients to develop packages that meet their needs and their budgets. Each relationship starts with an evaluation of current project needs and how she can help you meet your goals. Please contact Justine directly to discuss more.

Work with Justine