Government Relations & Advocacy

Government Relations & Advocacy

Law with a community focus.

Your life is affected by the state and local governments each and every day. It’s as simple as where your kid goes to school and as complex as how much you’ll pay next year in taxes—and government action touches your life in enumerable ways in between.

Your representatives make a difference in your life whether you know it or not, and it’s important for them to understand what issues affect your family, your neighbors and your community as a whole. This is why advocacy is critical for democracy. Advocates work with representatives to help them understand the impact of legislative actions on their constituents.

As an advocate, Justine Fanarof has more than a decade of experience working on legislative initiatives in the State of Texas. She was a Fellow for the University of Texas Institute for Health Policy at the Texas Legislature and a clerk for the House Committee on Public Health, serving under Representative and Chairwoman Dianne White Delisi. Justine has extensive knowledge and understanding of the Texas legislative process, including fiscal analysis.

In addition to her work in Texas, Justine has extensive experience working on legislative initiatives in Arizona, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Washington, D.C.

Government Relations services:

  • Public policy analysis
  • Legislative advocacy
  • Legislative document drafting
  • Coalition building + community organizing
  • Communication strategies
  • Legal counsel

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